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More contacts and group memberships on LinkedIn = more detailed search results

The more contacts you have on Linkedin, the more detailed search results you can view !         Why ?

Linkedin lets you see profiles of only the people who are  “in your network” (people who are  1st and 2nd degrees of separation from you, or people who are in a shared Linkedin Group).   So, each time you add a contact or join a group  on LinkedIn, you are enabling yourself to view the full profiles of all of the contacts of your contacts (2nd degree) or fellow group members.    In the case of people who are in  3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th degrees of separation, the search results will simply show the person’s title, company name and location.

To test this out, go to Linkedin and type in “new york”  in the search box.  The results will be displayed in order of people in your network;  starting with 2 degrees of separation or fellow Group members.    If there are no members of your network in New York, then you will only see non-detailed search results of those people who are  3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th degrees of separation.

In summary,  build your contact base …….expand your newtork ……see more detailed search results…..have access to more data  !


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