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Web 2.0 – Rising Tension Between Amateurs and Professionals ?

Web 2.0 is marking a new age of the amateur and rising tension among professionals. Today, everyone’s voice can be heard and anyone can build a network of followers around any subject. Amateurs can be respected just as highly as those professionals who have spent many years studying to get prestigious degrees and certifications. Take, for example, Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary TV Gary has over 300,000 followers on Twitter and his weekly video blog has more 100,000 faithful viewers. He has no formal education or degree in wine tasting, however he has become one of the most followed someliers in the world in just a few years. He is surely a very envied person and cause of stress among many “professional” someliers who have studied wine for many years.  I have a friend who pursued a degree in this area from the University of California and it took several years of hard work ! Countless other examples exist in the areas of journalism, economics, finance, healthcare, to name a few. So what will happen to the status of the “professional” as Web 2.0 enables more amateurs to have their voices heard equally ? Are we moving towards a society where education and certification are less valued ? Is this positive or negative ?


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