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Social Media – The New Customer Service Police

In the old days, if you received poor customer service from a company you wrote a letter to the president of the company or their customer relations department and it would go into a dark hole.       Today, with social media, if you receive poor customer service you can immediately blog about it and have your comments permanently documented on the internet for millions of people to read.   

The customer’s voice is now louder than ever, for good or for bad.    Social media provides the ideal platform for easy feeedback, and if necassary, “policing” of customer service.    If you speak with a rep at your cell phone provider and do not like their attitude, you can immediately go online and bash that person by name in blogs, Twitter, forums, etc.      Those posts get indexed quickly in search engines and Twitter search.     If the company has an active social media listening program, the comments will get picked up by management in due time.      If the company is smart, they will tell their customer service reps to always be on their best behaviour because the whole world is watching  !


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