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random thoughts by John Paul Murray

Coercion vs. Cooperation ?

I’ve been reading lately about how social media is predicted to transform the busines world.     One author describes it by explaining how traditional vertically structured organizations function primarily through coercion versus how future  horizontally structured organizations function through cooperation.

In corporate America and Europe, most of society is vertically structured in corporations and government.    People are “coerced” to do their job by being offered a salary or other financial incentives.      Decisions are made and executed from the top down. 

With the advent of social media and Web 2.0 collaboration tools, corporate and government organizations have the potential to become more horizontally structured and function more through cooperation vs. coercion.     Faster communication, transparency of information and closer collaboration are all potential benefits of Web 2.0.     Ideas and potential policies can be easily shared through all levels of an organization, gaining refinement and consensus before implementation.    People can take actions more ont he basis of wanting to cooperate vs. needing to be coerced.    The result can be an organization that is more in harmony and in-tune with itself and its customers.  

What about disadvantages  ?  ……are there any downfalls of horizonatlly structured organizations ?    Are there any potential pitfalls of Web 2.o in transforming the traditionally vertical structured business world   ?


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