Social Media For B2B

random thoughts by John Paul Murray

BigOmaha Conference May 8th , 2009 – notes from key speakers

Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV

–         “Business should be reactionary, not planned”

–         “If you CARE, you win”

–         Hates the word “social media” ….its still all about content, eyeballs, advertising….nothing else


Jason Fried, founder of  37signal  (Ruby on Rails)

–      “Businesses should be run like famous chefs”

–         “look at how chefs  promote themselves…share all of their recipes,  cooking shows,  tell you exactly how to do it”

–         “share with your customers and they will come to you”

–     “No-Talking Tuesdays –  try and have an entire day when nobody talks to each other (except by e-mail or IM)

  watch the increase in productivity


Micah Laaker, Director of User Experience,  Yahoo Open Strategy

–         mainly just talked about himself – he manages widgets integration for Yahoo’s open strategy

–         take a look at Yahoo Pipes – affiliate widget


Adriana Gascoigne, Director of Communication for Hi5

–         founder of Girls in Tech…..trying to recruit more women into technology careers….field is currently too male-dominated


Jeffrey Kalmikoff,  Threadless

–         built 700,000 followers in 3 years

–         “having “unconditional love” with your customers is key”  ……”must have the ability to say you are sorry”

–         “Transparency and Accessibility  most  important”

–         They announced a small local open-house at their office in Chicago….hundreds of customers from all over the world came


Ben Rattray,  CEO of

–         Ben started by asking “If your company did not exist, would anyone really care ?”……how can you make them care ?

–         A great business opportunity is to create a business that competes with an inefficiently run non-profit


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