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random thoughts by John Paul Murray

How Much Will Social Media Transform Traditional Business Structures ?

In the their book, “Throwing Sheep in The Boardroom”, Fraser and Dutta talk about how social media is transforming vertical organizations into horizontal organizations, and centralized societies into decentralized societies.  The authors draw a historic parallel between the post-Roman Empire rise of decentrilized networks of kingdoms in medieval Europe with the rise of social networks today.   Similar to the fall of the vertically organized Roman Empire and rise of smaller kingdoms, Web 2.0 technology is providing a flattening of power in the traditional publishing world and other industries.   Today, anyone can be a publisher and/or broadcaster from the comfort of their home, anywhere in the world, 24/7.   Anyone’s voice can now be heard as loud as the voices of main stream journalists.   Anyone can acquire hundreds of thousands of followers and become an evangelist.
It is interesting to imagine; how will social media transform our traditional business culture and how will the rise smaller but powerful “kingdoms” change the way we do business ?      

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